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148 Waverly Place
New York, NY, 10014
United States

New, female-led commemorative jewelry and gifts company offering stylish alternatives to traditional college and high school gifts like class rings. Many of the collections are inspired by high school and college architecture. 


Care & Repair


Kyle Cavan’s focus on craftsmanship ensures that your pieces can be worn for generations to come with proper care. Various pollutants, water, perspiration, perfumes and cleaning products can dull the appearance of precious metals. To ensure the life of your product, it is best practice to wipe it down after each wear. 

Sterling silver tarnishes in the presence of common everyday items; however, regular wear of our Kyle Cavan silver pieces help to prevent tarnishing. We hope you want to wear your Kyle Cavan pieces everyday, and we recommend that you do, as it will prevent tarnishing. When not in use, store your jewelry in the pouch you received when purchased. To remove heavier tarnish wash your silver jewelry with warm water and mild soap.

The gold plated Kyle Cavan collegiate jewelry collection is a base of silver, plated in 14K Yellow Gold. With proper care you can extend the lifetime of your gold-plated pieces; it will all depend on how and when you wear it. Similar to silver, avoid contact with any harsh chemicals, water, perfumes and cleaning products. Constant contact with these various elements will remove the gold plating finish. We are happy to provide further information on the best care practices for gold-plated items, and please reach out to us with any questions you have on repairing your gold-plated products at We will be able to offer a reduced-fee re-plating option depending on the condition of your product.  Kyle Cavan is not liable for any damage to the finish of the piece if care instructions are not followed. 

Gold is extremely durable but can get scratched if treated roughly. Cleaning and polishing jewelry cloths will minimize the appearance of scratches. As with all precious metals, avoid water, harsh cleaning chemicals and various pollutants, as they will cause the gold to loose its luster. Most notably with gold, one must avoid chlorine, as constant contact will lead to breakage. Most jewelers are happy to polish, steam and buff out gold pieces; turnaround time is normally a day. For any care, upkeep and repairs questions regarding your gold products, please contact 


Detailed Product Information:

Signature Bracelets: 

Kyle Cavan Signature Bracelets, which come in an assortment of precious metals and textures, will all age differently depending on the materials you have selected. Our designs of this product, right down to the locking mechanisms, have been thoroughly tested to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Please follow our care instructions for best practices on preserving the quality of these pieces. If you purchase a gold plated piece from this collection, there will be changes in color near the closure due to the opening and closing of the bracelet. We recommend you treat this piece like a watch, as it is not suited to go in water. If there are water damages please contact our customer service department at with your order number and a description of damages so that we can advise you on repair options. 

Iconic Bangles:

The Iconic Bangles are the most understated piece in our collections. We wanted to create an everyday piece of jewelry that still had an identifying factor. In order to elevate the simplicity of this piece, we hand finish each one in a Florentine finish. This finish adds dimension and texture to the Iconic Bangle; however, up-close this added element can appear as scratches. These imperfections are intentionally added to enhance the overall beauty of the Iconic Bangle. No two will ever be alike, and for that, we see those imperfections as perfect. 


Every Shield Pendant is custom made to order, and there will be slight variations on each piece. The pendant backs are one of the most unique features of our products and showcase another perspective of collegiate architecture. 


Our cufflinks are exact replicas of the shield pendants in a smaller size. Like our shield pendants they are made to order and there will be slight variations on each piece. Through our casting and quality control measures, we make sure these design details are captured in the best possible way. Due to their smaller size there will be cases where some intricate details from the pendants are lost—this is to be expected. 


Our Signature Bracelets and Iconic Bangles have an engraving option available in a medium size font that suits the bracelets best. If you would like something other than your name or initials engraved in these pieces we are happy to take your requests and work through further customization options with you. Please contact with any questions you may have regarding engraving. 

We offer leather and customized leather options on the sides of our bracelets. We will never offer the signature bracelet in a leather color that does not meet the university or college color standards as set forth by each institution. Our leather options are only for different textures and finishes.