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148 Waverly Place
New York, NY, 10014
United States

New, female-led commemorative jewelry and gifts company offering stylish alternatives to traditional college and high school gifts like class rings. Many of the collections are inspired by high school and college architecture. 


Compass Connections

The Washington and Lee Legacy

kyle walotsky

Kyle Cavan Washington and Lee University Alumni Profile

Lindsay Crittenden, Washington and Lee '13

Where are you from and where did you go to college? Richmond, Virginia and Washington and Lee University

What was the most important tradition at W & L and how has it impacted your life? Probably the honor system. Personal relationships run very deep and wide at W&L, and I think the honor system has a lot to do with it, directly or indirectly. It instilled in many of us a strong sense of trust and faith in others. And I think that optimistic approach to relationships can go a long way in a world where that's hard to find.

Where do you live now and what are you "doing there"? New York City. I'm in graduate school at Parsons studying Interior Design and Architecture.

How has living in New York impacted your personal style? New York gives you lots of room to play around with different looks and decide on what styles feel right and fit your personality best. The city has made me more playful while simultaneously helping me hone in to my favorite looks. I've finally found my staples.

Who inspires you most? That's a hard one. I gather different types of inspiration from different people. Each person in my family is a big source of inspiration. They all have their own talents and dreams and encourage me to go out and pursue my own. Artists of all crafts who make amazing things, and who create intellectual dialogue about people and society through their work. Edward Abbey. Hemingway. Anyone who packs their bags and moves to a new country and travels. Mother nature. Passionate people. And dogs. I hope I'm like my dogs one day.